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Making Waves National Tour 2024

View show trailer here

We are hitting the road (high seas) again in Jan 2024 for a 9 week national tour supported by The Arts Council touring award, following a successful 4 week tour of Making Waves in early 2023 & a week of shows at Baboró International Children's Festival.

Our accessible touring model features schools & integrated family shows with wrap-around activities to support audience members, teachers, carers and guardians, deepening engagement for all.


  • Jan 25th, 26th - Linenhall Arts Centre, Mayo - Schools Shows - Booking info

  • Feb 1st, 2nd, 3rd - The Ark, Dublin - Schools & Family Shows - Booking info 

  • Feb 8th, 9th - Backstage Theatre, Longford - Schools Shows - Booking info

  • Feb 16th, 17th - Belltable, Limerick - Schools & Family Shows - Booking info

  • Feb 22nd, 23rd - Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray - Schools Shows - Booking info

  • Feb 29th, Mar 1st, 2nd - Axis, Ballymun - Schools & Family Shows - Booking info

  • Mar 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th - Announcement Coming Soon

  • Mar 14th, 15th - Solstice Arts Centre, Co. Meath - Schools Shows - Booking info

  • Mar 21st, 22nd, 23rd - Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge - Schools & Family Shows - Booking info


Making Waves Tour 2024: News

Directors Note

Jess Rowell

‘Making Waves’ is an immersive dance theatre performance for children and young people with mild to more complex needs. A magical sea voyage in which the audience and performers set sail in search of hidden treasure. Along the way they encounter rolling waves, fluorescent fish and swooping gulls. We are transported by the ebb and flow of the ocean through gentle soothing currents and on into dynamic rhythmic beats. The wind fills our sails and carries us along accompanied by a sensitively evocative sound score written by composer Stefan French
From a young age I was immersed in the arts and was encouraged to express myself through dance and music. Now, as a practicing dance artist I am committed to making work that promotes equal access to all that the arts world has to offer. Dance and movement is non verbal and appeals to this audience as it enables children and young people to enjoy their natural curiosity, to engage kinaesthetically and to process information in a less cerebral and more immediate way. 
Connection is central to the theme of the show and by moving away from a conventional theatre seating arrangement and positioning the audience within the performance space minimises distance. By keeping the audience capacity small it enables the performers to adjust and respond to the needs of each individual. This open dialogue encourages the young people to influence the flow of the show.
My research began in June 2021 in a Special School in Dublin. I designed and delivered creative movement sessions for students and sought advice from staff. I had questions around age, accessibility and overall concept. My curiosity was rewarded with answers and inspiration from the young creative consultants. Conversations with my mentor Anna Newell and other professional experts in the field of sensory theatre also influenced and inspired my process. In 2022 as Branar Meitheal CPS artist, I spent time further developing ‘Making Waves’. My focus was to create a touring model that enabled children, teachers and families to gain the most from this immersive theatre experience before, during and long after their visit to the theatre.
As a creative team we have grown together through a genuine interest in this area of work and an open and generous sharing of ideas and skills. The joy of the creation of this work is to connect with our audiences with one voice and clarity of vision.
‘Making Waves’ is colourful and fun, it stimulates imagination and encourages interaction and connection. I am delighted to share this work with you.

Making Waves Tour 2024: About

Making Waves Team 2024

Jess Rowell - Director & Performer

Caoimhe Whelan - Producer

Sarah Ryan - Performer

Anderson De Souza - Performer

Maisey Lorimer - Production Manger

Laura Murphy - Stage Manager

Sebastian Pizzaro - Lighting Designer

Stefan French - Compser

Archer Bradshaw - Relighter

Eugenia Genunchi - Set Designer

Aidan Fox - Set Designer

Making Waves Tour 2024: Clients
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